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Gastric balloon is inserted into the abdomen, which causes an early feeling of fullness. This method is used for patients with BMI 30 and higher. Thus, it is the only bariatric procedure suitable for clients with BMI lower than 35.



Gastric band is the most commonly performed bariatric surgery worldwide. It´s main advantage is low surgical risk, rapid return to everyday life and a minimum number of complications. Gastric band is considered to be the most successful bariatric procedure proved by historical results.



Another type of operation is a gastric sleeve through which the stomach is made smaller. A team of ISCARE’s surgeons recommends this procedure also in particular to patients for whom the gastric band is unsuitable, because they have a tendency of overeating.



Gastric plication is an innovative surgical method of treating obesity. During a laparoscopic surgery a part of the stomach is creased and wrapped inside it. The inside volume gets smaller up to a third or quarter of the previous size. The advantage of this surgery is its reversibility.



The mini-gastric bypass treatment is suitable for patients who are in the obese class II (BMI over 35). The reason for surgery is always a prevention or treatment of diseases caused by obesity and, furthermore, an improvement of the quality and life span of an obese patient.