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Is the gastric band right for me?

Gastric band is suitable for patients who are already in life danger due to high obesity and though are in need of fast treatment. It is suggested that patients in the obese class II (BMI over 35), who already suffer from a disease caused by obesity (high blood pressure, vein inflammations, diabetes mellitus, joint diseases , backbone, infertility in women, eczemas, mycosis, and many others). The reason for surgery is always a prevention or treatment of diseases caused by obesity and, furthermore, an improvement of the quality and life span of an obese patient.

If you decide to lose weight with a gastric band, you need no reference from your practitioner. All the pre-operative examinations are done at the ISCARE clinic.

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How much weight will I lose with the gastric band?

In the first year the weight loss is the biggest. For the next two years, weight is stabilized (see professional publications). The result also depends on the condition of the patient before the procedure and the adoption of eating habits after the procedure.

However, the great advantage of the gastric band is that patients can maintain their weight at the right level. Undertaking this procedure prevents them from returning to their old lifestyle, overeating, and yo-yo effect, which is not so common after non-surgical treatments.

Patients who undergo this treatment often have good results in diabetes and high blood pressure. Some of them can stop completely with medication thanks to a gastric band.

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How is the surgery done?

Gastric band at ISCARE Prague is a medical help where by means of laparoscopy we implant a silicone cuff around the upper part of the stomach thanks to which the stomach gains the shape of an hourglass. The upper part then has only a small volume (about 0.7 to 1 fl. oz.). After eating just a little amount of food the upper part gets full fast and the patient has the feeling of being full. Patients with gastric band reduce their weight because after eating just a little they have the feeling of being full, and thus, they lower their food intake, together with its energy. The banding has a balloon on the side facing the stomach which can be filled through a little hose leading from a little chamber hidden under the skin. Using a syringe, the surgeon can apply a special liquid into this chamber and increase the size of the balloon; by this he can regulate the tightness of the cuff. That’s why this banding is also called an adjustable banding. There is no relationship between the speed of losing weight and the tightness of the cuff. However, the adjustability helps lengthen the feeling of being full after the patient eats. In reality, the banding works fully without ever filling the balloon. On the other hand, an excessive filling of the balloon raises the risks of complications.

This surgery itself takes about 60 minutes and short-term hospitalization usually takes 1-2 days. After that the patient can leave back home.

We use adjustable gastric bands from the American company Johnson & Johnson.

The pre-operational check-up and the procedure are done in one day.

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How much does a gastric band cost?

The guaranteed price of the gastric band procedure is £3,250. The price includes anaesthesia, surgery procedure, postoperative care, all medical materials + medicaments and food. The pre-operation check-up is £175 and we charge £105/night for hospitalization.

If the results of the pre-operative check-up indicate that the procedure cannot be done, only the costs of the pre-operative check-up are charged.

The price also includes adjusting the band if needed and the dietary plan.

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How will my diet change after surgery?

Right after surgery you’ll start with the gastric balloon diet plan. The gastric surgeon provides you with a nutrition schedule and gives you dietary advice.

Usually you’re on a liquid diet the first four weeks. It is recommended to drink clear broth, tee, coffee, diet non-sparkling beverages, juice, yogurt, etc.

Do not drink too much at once. It’s better to eat and drink more small portions than less and bigger ones.

You’ll be provided with your nutrition schedule at the ISCARE clinic.

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What are the potential risks and side effects
of a gastric band?

Complications during the operation and in the early post-operative stage are relatively rare. The most common complication is the intolerance of the gastric banding. It occurs in approximately 5% of cases. The method, nevertheless, fails with patients who continue overeating despite the feeling of being full. Thus, we cannot recommend this surgery to patients who can’t help overeating despite being full. Gastric banding is not a suitable operation for these patients, and we will recommend a different medical help or method to reduce their weight. This surgery is fully reversible; the cuff can be removed through laparoscopy and the digestive tract then reverts to the state before the operation.

All information is intended for general and brief guidance. If you wish to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or contacts.

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