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Is the gastric sleeve right for me?

Gastric sleeve is suggested for patients in the obese class II
(BMI over 35)
. The reason for surgery is always a prevention or treatment of diseases caused by obesity and, furthermore, an improvement of the quality and life span of an obese patient.

If you decide to lose weight with a gastric sleeve, you need no reference from your practitioner. All the pre-operative examinations are done at the ISCARE clinic.

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How much weight will I lose with the gastric sleeve?

The advantage of this procedure is faster weight loss in the first month after surgery. The greatest weight loss is recorded in the first year after surgery. After about five years, this advantage of rapid loss disappears and the result is then comparable to other operations.

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How is the surgery done?

Gastric sleeve is a surgical method where a part of the stomach is removed in order to gain smaller volume. The stomach is cut vertically and at the same time sewed together so that it leaves a sleeve of approximately 2.8 fl. oz. of capacity.

The consequences are obvious. The part of the stomach that is left functional gets full by a very little amount of food. Consequently, the patient lowers the amount of food and loses weight. At the same time, the stomach washes out less hormone ghrelin, which indicates hungriness. It is estimated that taking out a part of the stomach lowers the level of hungriness; however, this relationship is not yet fully proven.

The surgery is performed using laparoscopy in general anaesthetic. The duration of the surgery is about 90 to 150 minutes. The patient can usually get out of bed on the first day after the operation. In the case of no complications the patient is able to leave on the 3rd or 4th day after the surgery.

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How much does a gastric sleeve cost?

The guaranteed price of the gastric sleeve procedure is £3,580. The price includes anaesthesia, surgery procedure, postoperative care, all medical materials + medicaments and food. The pre-operative check-up is £175 and we charge £105/night for hospitalization.

If on behalf of the pre-operation check-up the procedure cannot be done, only the costs of the check-up are charged.

The price also includes the dietary plan.

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How will my diet change after surgery?

Right after the surgery you’ll start with the gastric sleeve diet plan. The gastric surgeon provides you with a nutrition schedule and gives you dietary advice.

Usually you’re on a liquid diet the first four weeks. It is recommended to drink clear broth, tee, coffee, diet non-sparkling beverages, juice, yogurt, etc.

Do not drink too much at once. It’s better to eat and drink more small portions than less and bigger ones.

You’ll be provided with your nutrition schedule at the ISCARE clinic.

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What are the potential risks and side effects
of a gastric sleeve?

As any other surgery the gastric sleeve carries with it a degree of risk. While the gastric banding brings complications in 0.5% of cases, the gastric sleeve has a risk of almost 7%.

The most common complications are bleeding, scars on the stomach and loose stitches. The surgery is also irreversible, since a part of the stomach is removed. In the first months after the surgery heartburn occurs and has to be treated using medicaments. Patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease or hiatus hernia are excluded from the sleeve gastrectomy procedure.

All information is intended for general and brief guidance. If you wish to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or contacts.

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