The gastroenterology team specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease and offers also non-surgical weight loss procedure.

Obesity causes many serious diseases (high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis). To eliminate their breakout, ISCARE offers conservative non-surgical weight loss for patients with severe obesity (BMI ≥ 30,0). Evaluation of suitability of the gastric balloon is a professional decision made after individual consultation with each patient.

Thanks to our highly equipped clinic, we are able to ensure your complete treatment, from the non-binding online consultation to the preoperative examination, gastroscopy and gastric balloon procedure. Our target is to find the optimal procedure to grant a long term weight loss and eliminate or prevent diseases accompanied by obesity.

Except for local Czech patients, the team of our clinic provides services in non-surgical bariatric procedure on a yearly basis for more than 100 patients mostly from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Germany and other parts of Western Europe.

The ISCARE clinic is located in Prague next to the O2 Arena and is easily reachable by shuttle from Vaclav Havel´s Prague Airport within 30 minutes.

For more information about the gastric balloon, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator for foreign patients. He will gladly answer you any questions and help you with booking a hotel, transport arrangements, etc.

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Gastric balloon Orbera / Orbera365

Gastric balloon is inserted into the abdomen, which causes an early feeling of fullness. This method is used for patients with BMI 30 and higher. Thus, it is the only bariatric procedure suitable for clients with BMI lower than 35.

You can find more information about Gastric balloon here.

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Gastric balloon Spatz3

Spatz gastric balloon has some advantage in the game of a classic gastric balloon. It is introduced for up to 12 months; on the contrary, the classic gastric balloon has to be removed after 6 months. Another advantage is the ability to adjust the fluid in the balloon during these 12 months. This results in even greater weight reduction.

You can find more information about Gastric balloon here.